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Because I am a Girl is a global initiative to end gender inequality, promote girls’ rights and lift millions of girls – and everyone around them – out of poverty.

Girls in the poorest regions of the world are among the most disadvantaged people on the planet. They are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to be denied access to education, more likely to be denied medical care, and more likely to be malnourished, simply because they’re girls. And yet, studies show that if you give a girl enough to eat, an education and a safe environment, she’ll work to raise the standard of living for herself, her family and her community.

The Because I am a Girl initiative was founded by Plan International, one of the oldest and largest international charities in the world. Founded in 1937, Plan has supported boys and girls in the developing world for over 75 years through collaboration with children, their families, and their communities.

Plan knows that by investing in girls and young women we can literally transform lives and lift entire nations out of poverty:


Our 5 ladies have come together to support this Wonderful Charity and Amazing Organization, Plan International’s Because I am a Girl movement.  We believe that we are valuable, and that we do deserve the right as girls to be given the opportunity to succeed in our community, our country and worldwide.

The one thing that our ladies have most in common is the strength that we find within ourselves when we get the opportunity to do what we love.  This is why we are sharing our  sport and our passion with those who deserve to be given the opportunity to be valued, as girls and as women. 

We personally cannot fathom the thought of someone telling us that we are not good enough.  That we do not matter, that our thoughts, our dreams and our goals are not worthy of achieving yet millions of young girls face this unnecessary obstacle everyday.   It is undeniably a wrong that has been written and must be changed.  If it only takes one girl to change the world then 5 ladies should be able to make a huge splash this summer raising awareness for the charity of Plan International’s “Because I am Girl” movement.   


The Ladies; Colleen, Nicole, Samantha, Rebekah and Mona will start their relay journey in Kingston Ontario leaving from Kingston's Confederation Park and will swim through the Marina Channel and into Lake Ontario.  Support boats will be following their journey and giving support and keeping them safe from harm as they head through the Lake Ontario waters and heading home to their final destination of Burlington Ontario's Spencer Smith Park.  A 305.2 km swim that will continue throught the days and nights, taking approximately 5 days to complete.  The ladies will start together in Kingston as a team for the first hour or so, until they reach the open waters of Lake Ontario.  Then the relay form will start with the first swimmer of the group swimming for a period of 2 hours.  The first swimmer will be the first of the group who has completed the marathon swim of Lake Ontario.  Once the 2 hour period is coming due, the next swimmer will tag the current swimmers' feet and take over the next leg of the swim.  The order of the swimmers is as follows: Colleen, Nicole, Samantha, Rebekah and then Mona.   

We are hoping that as we pass by your community you will get as excited as we will be... cheering us on, encouraging our swimmers to push forward, keeping our strength and passion alive.  If you have a boat or some type of water craft, we encourage you to come out and cheer us on with horns honking and bells ringing.  

We will have a “swim tracker” posted to our Official Because Girls Can website and our Face Book page, so that everyone can track our progress and send well wishes and donations on line.  

Our last leg of the swim will be the most exciting, knowing we are almost home.  Our last boat exchange will be from Ashbridges Bay to Burlington. As one media representative once said to a swimmer on their Lake Ontario crossing… do you think you are going to make it?  Response was…. Haven’t come this far to give up now!  This will be our motto…. Go for Broke… Give it everything we have, make it the best last port of exchange and head home!

We are hoping to arrive at Burlington's Spencer Smith Park sometime in the late afternoon, early evening on Saturday July 27th, 2013.  (weather permitting throughout our swim) Come on down and join in the excitement and the celebration!

OUR GOAL ~ $300,000


With our team’s aggressive goal of raising $300,000.00 for Because I am a Girl.. we will be encouraging all family, friends and all media coverage outlets to visit our Official “Because Girls Can” website, our “Because Girls Can” Face Book Page and all of our Individual Blog Training and Activities pages.     

Our goal is to have Burlington’s Spencer Smith Park packed with people/supporters sharing in our success and supporting us in reaching our goal of $300,000.00!  We are looking at raising these money through corporate sponshorship, individual donations leading up to and including our week of swimming.  It can be done... just think, if everyone was to give $1.00, we would surpass our goal and achieve an amazing feat both swimming and raising money for such a worthy cause!    

One last thought....  

There is no doubt that this is a huge undertaking that we, as a team have taken on and will be a challenge of major magnitude but well worth the personal and physical obstacles that we will endure.   Without struggle, without perseverance and without dedication, all goals and achievements are only speed bumps we have made for ourselves to fail.    

Please visit the Because I am a Girl website @ and find out what this amazing organization is all about … find out how you as an Individual, as a Community and as a Country can join in the empowerment of young girls everywhere!  You won’t regret supporting a worthy cause.. promise!     

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